Michael J. B. Allen
Department: English

English medieval and Renaissance literature especially Shakespeare;
Italian Quattrocento literature; Renaissance philosophy, especially the
Platonism of Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola.

Olivia Bloechl
Department: Music

European and North American music history from 1500-1750, with a focus
on early colonial music cultures, baroque opera, and French early music;
postcolonial studies, continental theory, historiography, and ethics of

A. R. Braunmuller
Department: English

Practice and theory of western theatre from the Greeks to the present,
with special emphasis upon European (and British) theatre 1500-1700;
nineteenth- and twentieth-century drama; textual criticism

Shane Butler
Departments: Classics / Associate Dean of the Humanities

Latin literature (ancient to Renaissance); the Classical tradition; intellectual history; poetics.

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Christine Chism
Department: English

Medieval literature and drama; Medieval intercultural encounters; the
medieval Mediterranean; theories of history, culture, and performance;
medieval Islam and Arabic.

Massimo Ciavolella
Departments: Comparative Literature and Italian

Boccaccio; Renaissance literature; Renaissance theories of love.

Additional info: Italian Department

Brian Copenhaver
Departments: Philosophy and History

Late Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Science: language, logic, magic, Cabala

S. Peter Cowe
Department: Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Medieval East Christian theology and spirituality; Armenian language
and literature; tracing longer-term trends (historical, literary, and
philosophical) from the medieval via the early modern into modernity;
emergence of modern nationalism; the cultural and intellectual impact of
inter-oceanic trade, the effect of the transition from manuscript
production to the medium of print; developments in theater.

Helen Deutsch
Department: English

Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture; Disability Studies;
Gender Studies; Literary Translation and Imitation; Classical Latin

Diane Favro
Departments: Architecture and Urban Design

Late Antique/early Medieval and Renaissance architecture and urban design, primarily in Rome

Additional info: Hypercities | Digital Roman Forum

Barbara Fuchs
Departments: Spanish & Portuguese and English

Early Modern English and Spanish literature, Mediterranean and
transatlantic studies, literature and empire, transnationalism and
literary history, race and religion in the early modern world.

Additional info: Spanish & Portuguese Department

Lowell Gallagher
Department: English

Renaissance / 17th-Century British, Theory & Criticism; early
modern English Catholicism; moral theology and discourses of conscience;
twentieth-century ressourcement theology and French postwar philosophy;
baroque aesthetics and prose fiction Spenser; religious topics in queer

Lynn A. Hunt
Department: History

French and European history; French Revolution in global context;
gender history, cultural history and historiography; the history of
history as an academic discipline.

Margaret Jacob
Department: History

History of Science, Intellectual History, British History, Dutch History

Henry Ansgar (Andy)
Kelly Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Department: English

English literature (Shakespeare); Church law, common law, trial procedures; religious controversy, theology; Bible translations

Cecelia F. Klein
Department: Art History

Aztec art and its relation to politics, religion, and gender roles and
rhetoric; Pre-Columbian art history of the Mexican, Mayan, and Andean

Efraín Kristal
Department: Comparative Literature

Aesthetics; Painting and Philosophy; Translation Studies

Elisabeth LeGuin
Department: Musicology

Living embodiment as a tool for historical inquiry; performance theory
and practice; Spanish Enlightenment; comedy in music; musical
intersections of orality, theatricality, textuality.

Arthur Little
Department: English

Shakespeare; Early Modern Studies; Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and
Transgender Studies (LGBTS); Subjectivity and Performance; Gender
Studies; African American Studies; Race and Ethnic Studies.

Claire McEachern
Department: English

Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century British Literature, Reformation
religions and politics; gender/sexuality; early modern women’s writing;
Shakespeare editing; humanism; early modern state formation and gender

(No photo available.)

Anne Mellor
Department: English

British literature, 1750-1850; British cultural history, 1750-1850;
Feminist Theory and Criticism; Women’s Writing; Philosophy; Art History;
Sexuality Studies.

Sara Melzer
Department: French and Francophone Studies; Women Studies

Early Modern French Literature and History, emphasizing the connections between culture and colonization.

Anna More
Departments: Spanish and Portuguese

Colonial Latin America, 16th-18th centuries; aesthetics and politics; cultural and intellectual history.

Felicity Nussbaum
Department: English

18th-Century Literature and Culture; Critical Theory; Gender Studies; Postcolonial and Anglophone Studies; Non-Fiction Prose.

Anthony Pagden
Department: History

Political Theory and Race, Ethnicity and Politics

(No photo available.)

Claudia Parodi
Departments: Spanish and Portuguese, Centro de Estudios Coloniales Iberoamericanos (CECI)

History of the language in the Americas, Language contact, Neolatin in
the Americas, Emblematic Literature, Amerindian Languages and cultures,
Paleography in the Americas

Jonathan Post
Department: English

Seventeenth-century lyric poetry, especially Donne and the
‘Metaphysicals'(Herbert, Marvell, Vaughan, Crashaw), Milton,
Shakespeare, the prose of Sir Thomas Browne, and related religious,
cultural, and artifactual matters of the English Renaissance, and
modern lyric poetry, especially the writings of Robert Lowell, Elizabeth
Bishop, and Anthony Hecht

Teofilo F. Ruiz
Department: History

Social and cultural history of late medieval and early modern Castile

Juan Sanchez
Department: English

Global Nineteenth Century; Transatlantic Literary Studies; and 19th century Anglo-Hispanic Literary Culture.

(No photo available.)

Paul R. Sellin, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department: English

Neo-Latin poetic theory; English poetic genres of the 16th and 17the
centuries; Anglo-Dutch relations during the Golden Age; studies in John
Donne, John Milton, Michel Le Blon, and (currently) Sir Walter Raleigh
and the Orinoco (Venezuela).

Debora Shuger
Department: English

Post-Reformation religion (theology, literature, church history), early
modern English literature, neo-Latin, legal history, history of
political thought, Renaissance humanism

Zrinka Stahuljak
Departments: French & Francophone Studies and Comparative Literature

Medieval romance, historiography, and poetry; history of sexuality;
medieval Mediterranean; Middle Ages and the nineteenth century; medieval
translation and contemporary translation studies.

Malina Stefanovska
Department: French and Francophone Studies

Early Modern French literature, with an emphasis on historical memoirs,
autobiography and other non-fictional prose genres, on court society,
political theory and on theatre; contemporary literary theory and

Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Department: History

Medieval and early modern South Asian and Indian Ocean history; the
history of European expansion, the comparative history of early modern
empires, and world history.

Kevin Terraciano
Department: History

History of Early Latin America; History of Postclassic and Postconquest
Mexico; Native Languages and Cultures of Southern and Central Mexico
(Nahuatl, Mixtec, Zapotec); Mesoamerican Writing Systems; History of the
Indigenous Peoples of Colonial Latin America; History of Ethnicity and
Gender; History of Religion.

Charlene Villase�or Black
Department: Art History

Politics of religious art in the early modern Spanish Empire, early modern art theory, contemporary art and activism.

(No photo available.)

Robert N. Watson
Department: English

Shakespeare, Metaphysical and Cavalier Poetry, Jacobean Drama, Ecocriticism

Dora B. Weiner
Department: History

Social history of the health sciences, particularly in France; medical humanities; history of the hospital and psychiatry.

Joanna Woods-Marsden
Department: Art History

Fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italian portraiture and courts

David Sabean
Department: History

Early Modern European Social and Cultural History; Germany; rural life;
kinship and family; popular culture; legal practice and Natural Law