Brittany Asaro
Department: Italian

“Love by Hearsay in the Italian Renaissance Novella”

Tamar Boyadjian
Department: Comparative Literature

“Bridging East and West: A Study of Crusader Jerusalem in the Literature and Chronicles of the Early Crusades”

Lisa Boutin
Department: Art History

“Displaying Identity in the Mantuan Court: The Maiolica Services of Isabella d’Este and Federico II Gonzaga”

Megan Gallagher
Department: Political Science

“Republics, Passions, and Patria in Early Modern Thought: Love of Country During the Long Eighteenth Century”

Bryan Green
Department: Spanish & Portuguese

“Asceticism and Pedagogy on the Mission Frontier: Reducción in the Jesuit Missions of Lower California”

Aaron Alejandro Olivas
Department: History

“Spain, France, and New Spain During the War of Spanish Succession (1700-1715): Colonial Impact on the First Global War”

Verónica A. Gutiérrez Sermino
Department: History

“Converting a Sacred City: Franciscan-Nahua Re-Imagining of San Pedro Cholula, 1529-1640”

Jennifer A. T. Smith
Department: English

“Reginald Pecock and Vernacular Theology in Pre-Reformation England”

Sara Victoria Torres
Department: English

“Marvelous Generations: Genealogical Narratives and Romance in Late Medieval England, Portugal, and Castile”

Alison Tara Walker
Department: English

“Politics and Orthodoxy in Late Medieval England”